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Since its founding 15 years ago Marquis has been and continues to be a purveyor of fine furnishings. Over these years Marquis’ vision helping of customers create beautiful homes has remain unchanged. Marquis clients are connoisseurs of fine wines, collectors of art and aficionados of haute couture. To satisfy the desires of its clients Marquis’ buyers travel several time a year throughout Europe to source for the best and the finest in European contemporary furnishings and bring them to Singapore. One would never find a lack of beautiful things in a Marquis showroom.

Marquis QSquare

Q square is the latest location to be open by Marquis and is the culmination of 15 years of experience that has been honed by years of involvement with the best and brightest the furniture world has to offer. The new showroom is the manifestation this experience and to put it succinctly “Quintessentially Marquis”. To name this showroom the letter Q has been taken from the heart of the word “Marquis”. Also, city squares are the gathering places for people all over Europe in the same way Q Square shall be a gathering place for people that have a love for design and an appreciation for the finer things life have to offer.

Marquis QSquare is located at:
16 Tai Seng Street, Level 1
Singapore 534138
Tel: +65-6383-0119
Fax: +65-6383-8432

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